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Many homeowners in Plymouth, California rely on the well on their property to provide potable running water to the faucets and fixtures inside of the house. While other homeowners can count on the city’s water supply to bring water into the home, well users are responsible for installing and maintaining their own water well. If you are one of these Plymouth, California homeowners, you will most likely require the services of a plumber at some point. The well pump on your property pumps water from the well outside into your home. It’s wise to seek regular maintenance for your well pump so that you can make sure you’ll always have access to potable water. The contractors at R & M Drilling Well & Pump Service in Plymouth, California provide regular well pump maintenance, repairs, and replacement in the Plymouth, California area. Contact our team of contracting experts any time you are in need of well pump services. We have the tools and experience to make sure services are completed according to your needs. When you don’t have any running water at all, it’s often due to problems with the well pump. Well pumps use an impeller to draw water up using atmospheric pressure to give you the water pressure you need in your home. If an electrical issue or other trouble occurs with the well pump, this is no longer possible.


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R & M Drilling Well & Pump Service in Plymouth, California provides well drilling for all applications and properties including residential, commercial, and irrigation. Our clients include homeowners, businesses, farms, and municipalities. We provide complete water well drilling and pump services to meet our clients' needs and exceed their customer service expectations. The diverse geological formations in Plymouth, California present unique challenges that determine the optimal approach to locating, drilling, and maintaining your water well. We understand the nuances of common local water well challenges and the underlying geology that can dictate their solution. We also have access to the latest tools and groundwater-locating technology. Trust our knowledgeable well drilling team to locate and tap into your aquifer, call R & M Drilling Well & Pump Service in Plymouth, California today! Trust the well and pump professionals at R & M Drilling Well & Pump Service for expert irrigation well drilling and pump installation for agriculture and commercial watering in Plymouth, California. We've served generations of local farmers and friends with the highest quality irrigation well drilling services. Let our knowledgeable technicians bring the liquid of life to your landscape. We also offer expert well pump repair and replacement, as well as pressure tank services. Contact R & M Drilling Well & Pump Service in Plymouth, California today for honest good pump diagnostics, affordable repair, and installation.

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Our factory-trained and certified service personnel can troubleshoot existing water wells and provide the hands-on assistance our clients require. We can do performance testing to evaluate the performance of your water well and its pumping equipment, maintenance testing will diagnose well and pump inefficiencies and establish a historical pattern of well and pump performance. Using this information, corrective action can be taken at the clients’ convenience, and minimize the risk of unexpected potential problems. Our engineers have been properly trained and ensured that they can handle any project they are given here in Plymouth, California. R & M Drilling Well & Pump Service is unsurpassed across Plymouth, California for its depth and a wide variety of the company's capabilities and skills. We are able to manage and construct a full range of sizes and types of well projects across Plymouth, California. We can do municipal, industrial, agricultural, commercial, or residential here in Plymouth, California, and our staff and fleet of rigs are well-equipped to fulfill the demands of intense and rigorous drilling projects whether it be wells, well pumps, irrigation systems, or any other projects our clients need to be constructed properly. We deliver on every size and phase of groundwater drilling, exploration, construction, development, and testing.


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You may also find that you need well pump repair in Plymouth, California if you notice that you don’t quite feel the same amount of water pressure from your sinks and showers. Sometimes, worn down parts and motor trouble can lead to intermittent water pressure, or water that only comes out intermittently. Strange noises from your well can also indicate problems with the pump, such as a clogged nozzle or a hole in the pipe. In any case, count on our team of trained professionals in Plymouth, California for quality repairs. We have the experience to pin down the problem and make the repairs you need to restore your water pressure quickly. Is your older well pump working as it should? A technician in Plymouth, California can help you decide whether repair or replacement is the best option. Often, replacing your pump is a more cost efficient solution than making repairs, and a new pump may run more efficiently and provide better water pressure. But without the help of a Plymouth, California expert, your new well pump may not run as needed. R & M Drilling Well & Pump Service are able to find the proper size and type of pump necessary for your well. While jet pumps are more commonly used today, a submersible pump is sometimes necessary. Choosing the right model is not as easy as selecting the same type that you had before, as your original well pump may not have been accurately sized.